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Remington Scott highlights virtual humans and what it means for AAA talent.

Remington Scott is a digital entertainment visionary known for his work on blockbuster films and video games, Metaverse and intellectual property. Scott was named to The Wrap’s 2022 “Innovators List” for, among other efforts, “giving the Metaverse a soul.” 

With over three decades of experience, Scott is widely celebrated in Hollywood for his innovations in special effects and virtual production. He helped bring Gollum to life for Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and created photo-real digital humans for the Academy Award-winning VFX for Spider-Man 2.

Remington has been instrumental in driving feature film-quality animation to interactive entertainment as the cinematic director for best-selling video games and virtual reality. Titles include Call Of Duty, Just Cause, Assassins Creed, Need For Speed, Resistance, and Spider-Man.

Scott formed Hyperreal in 2019 to empower top talents and entities to create, own and monetize their digital likeness across all platforms using blockchain technology.  Known as Hypermodels, these digital humans are the future of intellectual property for A+ talent.  Hyperreal has recently worked with Paul McCartney, the estate of The Notorious B.I.G. and Madison Beer, whose virtual concert performance won a Webby Award.

Raised in New York, Scott attended The School of Visual Arts and studied screenwriting at UCLA. He lives on the East Coast.

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