Burner face: World Building for Brands

In the year 2121, Seattle is an oasis on a hostile planet. A quantum computer named PLATO manages public health, climate change, and the economy for Puget Sound’s physical and virtual citizens. But a shape-shifting entity threatens Seattle’s hard-won “Peace with Lifestyle”. Born of a fusion of Artificial Intelligence — and magic — the entity has attacked quantum systems in Japan and Spain. Now it has come for PLATO. To save Puget Sound, PLATO enlists a chimera cat, a casino card dealer, and a virtual human twin. Together, they pursue a digitized ghost across Seattle to the most important blackjack game ever played.

Burner Face is a mystery thriller that shoots higher than “whodunit”. The audience peels back a debate over meaning and intelligence that takes place in a future Seattle transformed by climate change and accelerating technology. The five-episode scripted podcast blends science fiction, detective noir, and ghost story genres into a richly endowed story world of human and virtual characters.

Burner Face embraces audio-led transmedia storytelling. The series features a diverse cast of professional voice actors performing alongside AI-generated synthetic characters. Burner Face  features cutting edge spatial audio sound effects for select scenes plus original music for a climactic 3D audio chase scene to close out Season 1.

The Burner Face website provides a 360 rich media experience driven by the linear podcast. It features a custom built, interactive map of Seattle, Puget Sound and the Northern Pacific coastlines 100 years from now after 22 meter rise in sea levels. The speculative map developed in partnership with MediaStorm and Seattle-based professional cartographer Jeffrey Linn.

Written, directed and narrated by John du Pre Gauntt, Burner Face offers an allegory about a plausible Seattle the next century arising from current climate projections and AI technology futurism. It aims to entertain and engage people’s imaginations to speculate better about the future world.