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The Augmented City LLC announces The Augmented City Studio, a creative development and production agency integrating rich media into podcasts.

Spoken word audio has become a core medium for our more virtualized life.  Podcasting is evolving from a listening activity to a lifestyle choice. In parallel, the Internet is accelerating to an AI-powered future. To meet these trends, The Augmented City Studio builds podcast-led, rich media brands more native to the head’s up, hand’s free and voice activated lifestyles of audiences and brands.

The Augmented City Studio’s first published title is Burner Face, a sci-fi mystery thriller set in a transformed Seattle 100 years from now. Burner Face blends gripping audio storytelling with a distinct visual identity, interactive maps and synthetic characters. Burner Face was an Official Select at On Air Fest in New York City in February 2022, and is a virtual case study for Podcast Movement Evolutions in a presentation entitled, “Creating 360 IP Around Audio”.

The Augmented City Studios combines advanced writing, visual & interactive design, plus synthetic audio/video expertise to build rich context around a narrative audio spine. Our 360˚approach is audience obsessed with INTIMACY, IMMERSION, FLEXIBILITY, and STICKINESS as our guiding principles behind every original audio series and commissioned project.

If you’re a creator or brand who wants to leverage rich media and AI to bring discoverability, flexibility, and extensibility to your podcasts, contact us. And if you are a journalist or analyst looking for a sneak peek at the next generation of spoken word audio, contact us today.


John Gauntt, Writer & Director

Keith Ancker, Showrunner & Producer