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Steve Read reveals stunning advances in virtual production that change the game for producing movies.

Steve Read has been in the film, TV and the Visual Effects industry since 1997. He has an intimate and deep understanding of both the creative and technical workflows required to produce projects for a modern film and TV market.

In 2008 he co-founded One Animation, which became one of Singapore’s leading animation studios developing fully CGI TV series. Before that, Steve worked on various live-action and fully animated feature films including Happy Feet with Animal Logic in Australia incorporating motion capture for animation. Earlier in his career, Steve spent several years with Softimage, the Montreal-based software company that developed 2D and 3D animation software.

In 2020 Read headed the opening of the Vancouver-based headquarters for Versatile Media Ltd. with the core focus of adopting and driving a fully integrated virtual production pipeline. Steve is also heading the development of IP and co-produced projects under the Versatile Media banner along with developing the service objectives and the construction of Versatile’s new LED soundstages opening in summer 2023.


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