The Augmented City

What Can We Do For You?

John Macinnes unpacks game engines and how the boundaries are dissolving among mediums.

John Macinnes is an award-winning producer, writer and director working in movies, games, AR, VR and XR for the likes of Activision, HTC Vive, Verizon, Sony, Netflix and the US Department of Defense.

John has been using the Unreal Engine since 2015 and is the recipient of two Epic Games Mega Grants. He first gained recognition as a screenwriter, writing CALL OF DUTY, ADVANCED WARFARE, the biggest selling video game of 2014.

John is recipient of an Academy Nicholl Fellowship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars) for his script OUTSIDE THE WIRE, which was subsequently picked up by Cinestar Pictures as a vehicle for Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avatar, Star Trek) to star in and produce.

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